Changing with the Times: How have you pivoted your marketing during this challenging time?

As the iconic Bob Dylan sang, “The times, they are a-changin’.” With COVID-19, the times are changing, but are you keeping pace? In order to survive the huge shift happening in social and economic conditions, it’s critical to modify your approach to marketing. You and your business depend on it, so it’s time to ask yourself the real questions.

What are your customers’ current needs and how can you fulfill them with the resources and talents you have? How can you communicate your services to your consumers considering current government restrictions on how you can operate your business? How consumers can engage with you?

It’s time to get creative with what you have and how you can move forward as-is or repackage to fit the current circumstances. In a digital age, it’s the digital way!

Unless you’re an essential worker, face-to-face interactions are not happening. Most of us have accepted that reality, with local officials ready to remind us with repercussions should we decide not to accept. So, what’s the next best option? It’s going digital, my friends! It’s fast and it’s been the wave of the current lifestyle and now more than before, companies are really leaning on digital resources.

For example, schools across the country have closed and will remain closed until the next school year begins. Teachers had to move quickly to put together online programs to be able to distance-teach for their students. For the heart and health conscious, or simply those who want to look good, gyms are also a big no-no right now. So, gyms, yoga studios and the like are now offering classes online. What’s the common thread? Yep – they went digital.

If digital tools can be structured to work for these diverse services, it too can work for your company, particularly in your marketing approach. We’d love to hear from you! How are you changing your marketing approach during these crazy times? Have any tips to share? What’s working? How are your consumers responding? Do you see any of these methods sticking in the long run? Leave us a comment.

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