Behind The Scenes

Meet Our Team

Founder and President

Kim Miller

Our president and founder, Kim Miller, has more than 30 years’ experience in promotional, marketing and public relations management. 

She has led  PR and marketing teams for organizations of all sizes, including serving as Vice President of Marketing & Communications for Pollo Tropical, and as international spokesperson for fast food giant Burger King Corporation.  She has worked for non-profit and government entities as well, bringing a well-rounded sensitivity to the opportunities and challenges of public-private arrangements

Our in-house team includes specialists in social media, event staffing, video production and integrated marketing.

We also offer a team of copywriters and graphic designers as well as contracted staffing specialists, podcast producers, and others to handle everything from video news releases to invitations for local store grand openings.

Peyton Sadler
VP of Client Services

Expert in the field of tourism, food, and culture. She currently leads the Church’s Chicken, Atlanta Community Food Bank, Wild Fork Foods, TGI Fridays, and Atlanta Community Food Bank accounts…

Kampi Chaleunsouk
VP of Client Services

Experienced as a publicist for a variety of industries, including chain restaurants, entertainment clients, writers, nonprofits, regional retailers, and more.  Chaleunsouk pitched new products…

Andi Speedy
Account Director

Our resident wordsmith with more than 20 years of agency-level copywriting and creative expertise.  If it has anything to do with words or concept, it goes through her. Headlines, taglines…

Edwin Pineda
Creative Director

He has led design and corporate visual communications efforts for over 20 years at a wide range of enterprises, from dining and travel to technology and the education fields.

Victoria Segovia
Communications Manager

Victoria Segovia is an experienced copywriter, social media guru, and one of Ink Link Marketing’s core pitchers. She has worked in various industries including food and beverage…

Jessica Chacoff
Events & Promotions Manager

Leading the Grand Openers and Fully Promoted Miami Lakes divisions, Chacoff organizes memorable events and promotional elements that meet our clients’ intended goals and…

Gus Diaz
Operations Supervisor

Gus Diaz has been with the brand for about a year and manages our promotional products division. He has more than 8 years’ experience in radio and television production…

Miguel Grande
Field Supervisor

Grande handles community outreach for clients, as well as for Grand Openers. He is totally bilingual and has been with Ink Link for almost two years.

Karen Regalado
Marketing Comms Coordinator

Regalado is an FIU graduate with a background in videography and broadcast and speaks both English and Spanish fluently. Her interests include photography and creative writing.

Rosi Garbalosa
Marketing Specialist

Rosi Garbalosa joined Ink Link marketing as an intern and has continued with the agency as a marketing specialist ever since. Garbalosa supports Ink Link Marketing’s account executives through research, pitching, and more.

Kacey Hayes

Kacey Hayes is a professional writer whose background includes over a decade in the fields of business, culinary arts, and health and wellness. This experience has allowed her to establish a successful career as a writer, creating content for established brands in food, health, and entrepreneurial business spaces.

Peter Lepcha

Peter Lepcha is a key contributor to Ink Link Marketing’s research. He supports the entire Ink Link team through various roles and responsibilities such as media list building, data development, and calendar listings.

Maria Alejandra Lopez

Maria Alejandra Lopez is a key contributor to Ink Link Marketing’s research. She supports the team through various responsibilities like calendar listings, media list building, and data development. 

Radar & Miley

Radar and Miley keep themselves busy with the most important job at our agency. They must test every couch, sitting area, or corner of the office for sleeping comfortability.