We’re Only Human: How staying at home shifts consumer behavior and how it will change consumer marketing

COVID-19 has affected consumers in a number of different ways: self-improvement, retreating, stress eating—some burying heads in the sand and going on with life as if nothing has changed. We all cope in our own way. But, the one shift many have in common is staying home.

What does this mean for consumer behavior?

Outside essential shopping, fewer people shop at brick-and-mortar locations. Online shopping and delivery services have gained even more popularity. Most shoppers are tightening their belts in preparation for more cloudy days—and looking to the internet for ways to stretch their dollars.

According to a consumer trends report published by Restaurant Business, a significant number of consumers are eating less fast food in favor of cooking and baking at home, as well as supporting more local businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The poll results shared by AMC Global, a marketing research firm, also show that these behaviors are likely to continue after the crisis. 

As we go with these new flows, it’s important for marketing efforts to stay in-step with consumers’ behaviors and attitudes. These are unusual and sensitive times and people are being asked (or government-ordered) to do things that they wouldn’t normally have to do, such as taking every necessary health and safety precaution in their daily lives. Marketing efforts need to be even more mindful and compassionate toward the emotional impact that messaging can have on consumers. This is a time for businesses to offer their help, support and understanding. It’s no longer about simply pushing a product; it’s about building trust and showing the human side of companies. How about a shout-out to those front-line workers? Consider providing free core product as a “thank you” to first responders. Let your chefs to demonstrate how to repurpose leftovers for something special. It’s about creating CONVERSATIONS and SOLUTIONS.

Tell us how you are doing it with your brands.

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