Tis’ The Season… For Your Holiday PR Plan

If you’ve gotten through all of your Thanksgiving leftovers, it can only mean one thing: The holiday season is here! The lack of cornucopias and cranberries is suddenly replaced by the abundance of mistletoe and candy canes…and your holiday PR strategy must be chugging along full speed ahead. If you’re feeling a little late this year, don’t fret. There’s still time to jump on the train and boost your company’s holiday PR initiatives with these tips.

1. Define Your Goal

What are your company’s business goals for the holiday months? Is it increasing customer retention? Engaging employees? Improving sales? The holidays can shift goals as the season swings into high gear. Clearly define what your goals are for the holiday season as a good starting point.

2. Define Your Market

Once you have a goal, take a look at who your message is meant to target. If you are launching a new product for the holidays and want to boost sales, your market should be those who have the purchasing power and are likely to see your messaging and buy your product or service. Think about where you will find your market. Hint: It might be different during the holiday season. Are they in the mall line waiting for their children to get a picture with Santa? Are they at a holiday fundraising event? A new restaurant launch? Think of creative ways to reach and communicate with your target audience during the holidays.

3. Craft Your Messaging

Campaigns around the holidays can differ from campaigns that apply all year round. You’re likely already seeing this on your TV commercials and local radio spots. Holiday messaging is largely focused on friends, family, love, and giving. Consider how your brand messaging may alter during the holiday months.

4. Launch Your Campaign

Timing is critical with the launch of a holiday campaign. Consult with a PR firm to evaluate all of the considerations both with your target market and the media. Lead time is important, so it’s time to get planning and pitching!

5. Evaluate Your ResultsEvaluation is an often overlooked component of a holiday PR plan, but it is essential to see how your goals were reached. What worked? How could it be improved upon next year? How can you leverage your holiday campaign success into a New Year PR plan? An experienced PR firm will always learn and adapt with new campaigns and strategies that extend past the holiday season and into the New Year. Questions on how this could apply to your company? Call us, we can help! (866) 252-1750.