Engagement Marketing: The New Era

There is a new time of marketing upon us; one that is shifting away from the traditional techniques of mass marketing and transactional marketing to engagement marketing. Summing up a great article by Venture Beat, here are seven key principles that define the way your company can connect with customers through engagement marketing.

Engagement means connecting with people…

1. As individuals: Engagement marketing involves more targeted personal communication. It requires understanding and communicating with each consumer on an individual level, with a focus on his or her preferences and on their relationship with your company.

2. Based on what they do: Engagement marketing is driven by the consumer’s behavioral tendencies, rather than the traditional demographics focus. The use of technology-enabled data can truly help understand and target much more efficiently instead of generalizing customers that fit a particular profile.

3. Wherever they are: The virtual community, which includes email, social networks and other online communities, define the new era of communications. Engagement marketing leverages this constant connectivity with an integrated marketing approach. Consistency throughout a brand’s social platform is critical to maintain the same message and experience for all consumers.

4. Continuously: Engagement marketing is greatly based on continuity. It maintains a constant stream of communication with the consumer throughout the entire purchase-making process. Every interaction leads to another interaction. This chain of events leaves the customer feeling like their value extends well beyond their purchase.

5. With a goal: Engagement marketing is goal-oriented. An engagement marketer’s goal is to understand his/her customers’ preferences and mindset. This information informs every call-to-action to ensure that it properly moves customers along the process to purchase.

6. With measurable impact: The use advanced analytics and reporting make engagement marketing much more measurable than ever before. These actions are then tied back to engagement marketing tactics to inform and optimize the next marketing efforts. The goal is to prove engagement marketing efforts drive revenue.

7. With Digital Speed: Engagement marketing coordinates marketing campaigns faster and with maximum efficiently. Campaigns across multiple channels must become a coordinated effort. Engagement marketing also allows for scalable marketing that grows with a company or organization.

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