Talk the Talk: Restaurant Marketing Acronyms – Part 2

We recently shared ways that you can “talk the talk” when engaging with folks associated with the restaurant industry. There’s a long list of restaurant lingo that insiders and other informed individuals know. We picked some of our favorites to feature here.

What are some of your favorite, funniest, or even most unusual restaurant lingo? Share in the comments!

Dead Plate: This refers to a dish that has been sitting too long at the window or an unfinished plate that a customer returns.

On the Fly: Have you ever found yourself having to do something “on the fly” for work or your personal life? The term in the restaurant space is similar. It’s used when you need a dish prepared right away or quickly.

Pump It Out: This isn’t an exercise move for restaurant staff, but it could increase their heart rates. When a restaurant team has to “pump it out,” they have to get food orders out quickly.

Rollup: Have you ever wondered what they call your utensil set when it’s rolled up in a napkin? It’s a “rollup,” of course!  

Still Moving or Still Alive: This is for our serious meat-eaters and means someone wants their meat cooked ultra-rare.

Squatters: Similar to squatters in homes, this refers to guests who don’t want to leave. They hang out at their table for hours, although they have already finished their meals. Another word for “squatters” is “campers.”

Turn & Burn: Sometimes, tables have to be turned over quickly. The need to “turn & burn’ typically happens when there’s a long wait.

In the Weeds: When a server is swamped or juggling a lot of tables, they are considered to be “in the weeds” or sometimes “weeded.”

Waxing the Table: This isn’t inspired by the movie “Karate Kid” but instead refers to giving a table VIP treatment.

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