5 Reasons to Create Buzz Worthy Special Events

When we meet with new clients, they often think that they don’t need a marketing or public relations firm on a retainer basis because they don’t have much going on in their marketing calendar. They think they have a great restaurant, service, facility, product, etc., but don’t see the buzz factor. Well, that’s exactly the reason to hire an experienced PR firm. A knowledgeable PR firm that specializes in company announcements and corporate event planning can find a reason to create buzz with an event.

Your PR pro will combine creativity and keen industry knowledge to develop, organize, and plan a company special event that will get attention. Our motto? There is always a reason to have a press worthy event. Here are some of our favorites:

1. New Product/Company Launch

Everyone loves something new and shiny. Better yet, everyone loves even more to be the very first to try it. Host an exclusive new product/company launch event, where a small list of VIPs get to taste or try your new menu item or product. Depending on your brand, this event can take on so many different styles. A PR pro will be able to craft the perfect mood and style for your unique needs.

2. Holiday Tie-In

There are so many holidays and observances, that you could celebrate something on nearly every day of the year (trust us, we have a whole calendar of quirky holidays!). Whether it’s a nationally celebrated holiday like the Fourth of July, or a more obscure observance like National Coffee Day, a PR pro will help by brainstorming ideas on how to tie in, or even create a new holiday, with your next special event.

3. Charity Event

Restaurants and local businesses can help local charities a great deal. Perhaps you can help host the charity’s next fundraising event, or designate a day where a percent of sales are donated to a charity of choice. This is a positive way to make a difference and get positive community exposure. We help you identify nonprofits that truly make sense with your company’s values and target demographics.

4. Social Media Meetup

Get your most chatty online customers in the store or restaurant for a social media meetup, or a “Meet and Tweet”! Reward them for engaging online, and acknowledge them as super customers with a special event dedicated just for them. This will drive repeat trial and online exposure to boost your brand.

5. Anniversaries

1, 3, 10, 20, 82…nearly every anniversary is important and can be celebrated with a special event. We help our clients plot any significant anniversary, whether it’s the opening of their business, the one-year anniversary of a successful campaign, or a milestone anniversary of a new location. We can find an anniversary to celebrate for every client, and it’s often a great reason to organize a special company event.

If you are struggling on creative ways to generate buzz for your company, we recommend a PR pro with experience in your industry that can take your unique strengths and showcase them with some creative events like we mentioned above. Our team is always available to answer questions and advise. Call us today, we look forward to hearing from you! Phone: (866) 252-1750.