Yo App is Getting Restaurants’ Attention

Yo! What sounds like an abrupt and grammatically incorrect way to get someone’s attention is now taking on a whole other meaning. If you haven’t heard of the new Yo app, you’ll likely want to. It’s getting more and more attention as a marketing tool and PR tool. It already got Stephen Colbert’s attention. Here’s why it should have yours:

What it is:

In all its simplicity, Yo is a free app whose sole function is to let its users send the two-letter message “Yo” to their friends as a mobile alert. Marketers have already found effective ways to leverage Yo’s platform, and restaurant social media mavens may be on to it next.

What it does:

As an immediate alert system, Yo has morphed from a mocked app to a useful tool. During the Israel-Gaza conflict, it proved valuable as a rapid way to inform Israeli citizens of incoming rocket strikes. Now, large media properties like the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and NBC News are jumping on board to notify followers with a “Yo” when new articles of interest have been posted. Even Craigslist sends a “Yo” to alert users when a new listing comes up in one of their searches. Social media platforms are also taking note. With TwitterYo, you can alert your followers whenever you send a Tweet. This is just the beginning.

What it sells:

In a world of immediacy and impatience, Yo quenches consumers’ thirst for constant, personalized, real-time access of information. For brands, products, and even restaurants, Yo could prove to be good for business. Think about how you could alert local foodies of new menu items with at simple “Yo”; a company grand opening; a company launch; a new happy hour special; a special event; reservations notifications; and the list goes on.

What it means:

For restaurants and hospitality executives, it’s critical to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in mobile PR and marketing. If you need grand opening help, or are looking for creative and innovative ways to reach your target markets, consider consulting with an experienced PR firm who knows the latest ways to use tech (like Yo) for PR and business success.If you are currently using Yo we would love to hear about your experience! Our PR experts are always available to answer questions and advise. Call us today (866)252-1750.