A Happy Customer: The Most Important Thing You Will Ever Serve

Think of the best restaurant experience that you have ever had. Chances are, you’ll remember details about your entire experience, from the food to the atmosphere to the service, and beyond.

As PR professionals, we advise our clients (many in the restaurant/hospitality industry) that a happy customer is the most important thing they will ever serve. Why? The power of one happy customer is exponential. Here are some reasons why happy customers are good PR and good for business:

1. Free Advertising

Happy customers are walking billboards; they become your brand ambassadors. An investment in a happy customer brings big returns. Word-of-mouth advertising is way more effective than traditional advertising because it’s personal and unbiased. This is free advertising that equates to increased brand awareness and bigger business. A strategic and integrated marketing/PR plan is critical to ensure your happy customers walk out conveying the right messages as your advertisers. This is the value that an experienced PR consultant can bring to your company.

2. Brand Ambassadors

Every brand needs some brand ambassadors at the grassroots level, pushing their name, product, and services to their extended networks. Happy customers will tell all of their friends about the amazing experience they had, and likely keep coming back with new people with which to share the experience again. A PR consultant can help you develop a strategy surrounding this, with loyal customer discounts and promotions for introducing new people to the brand.

3. Social Media Engagement

Think of how many restaurant meals you see posted by your friends to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The number is likely to add up to hundreds in a week. People love to share their restaurant experiences socially. Think of your food presentation, and how it might contribute to your happy customer’s experience and social sharing. Present a plate that’s irresistible to eat and share. This can help you gain more customers and online fans/followers. A PR consultant can help you leverage this growth, engage online fans, and turn it into a solid ROI.

4. Brand Loyalty

Go above and beyond and you might capture a customer for life. This customer will be your biggest fan. He/she will talk about you and support you forever. Going above and beyond builds brand loyalty, and sustainability. It’s a formula for a happy customer, and a happy restaurant with longevity. PR consultants can work with you to build brand and customer loyalty with consistent messaging, constant media presence, and PR promotions that leave happy lifelong imprints on customers’ experiences.

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